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There are many ways to get constipation relief and you may have to experiment to see what relief for constipation is best for you.  Natural remedies seem to work best and include fiber.  Fiber gives the stool a bulky soft texture allowing it to pass easily.  Whole grains, vegetables and lots of fruit must be added to your diet.  Flaxseeds can be sprinkled ( 1 teaspoon ) on any meal and have many other health benefits as well.  

Fluids, will be a great relief for constipation, especially water will make the stool softer.  Those folks who consume alcoholic beverages and caffeine drinks should consume the equal amount of water to these to balance the liquids in order to avoid constipation.  

Laxatives will work but should not be depended upon.  They should be used for a week only.  Many people depend on laxatives for relief of constipation causing their own muscles to not do the job after a period of time.  Prolonged use of laxatives can also lead to irregular heart rhythms, liver and kidney impairment.  Pelvic floor dysfunction caused by obesity or an enlarged prostate can also be a reason for constipation as well as childbirth.  However after having child constipation is short lived and the body will return to its normal state.  

Biofeedback therapists teach their patients to better coordinate those muscles for relief of constipation making it easier to defecate.  This works in 70% of the cases.  Another method is probiotics, these are microbial organisms found naturally in the digestive track.  You will find a significant change in constipation once probiotics are added to the diet.  

Relief of constipation is also found when you have enough magnesium in the body.  A lack of this mineral can lead to constipation as well.  When you are not getting enough physical activity as well as putting off a bowel movement also leads to constipation.  Natural herbs such as barberry, bladder wrack, basil, buckhorn,cayenne, dandelion, and honey may also be consumed for relief of constipation.  I would suggest plenty of water in the diet along with a multi vitamin each day.  This should help most people with a remedy for constipation.  

However if you feel that this does not help it is wise to seek medical advice in order to rule out any health concern.  The stool is the body’s natural way of eliminating waste and if the feces are in the body too long this can lead to other health related problems.  Each of us should have at least one bowel movement per day and some as many as three, depending on the amount of food consumed.  

What could be more of a nuisance than to live with this uncomfortable, and uneasy feeling in your day to day life? You can also navigate to the other articles on this site so that you can find the solution that best fits your case.  Usually a little research is all that is needed for relief of constipation.

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